Oikos Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork


Touching lives one body at a time…and providing you with the best care possible in order for you to thrive.

Who Are We?
We are a strictly professional massage company that meets the needs of our clients where they are, by location. 


We began our business a few years ago with one simple thought in mind. “Help the individuals who can’t get out to receive the care they need”.

We were finding so many people that needed the benefits of therapeutic massage but were unable to get out to receive it. Many were too ill, too apprehensive, or just didn’t like the “spa like” environment. Many couldn’t leave their families due to lack of childcare or couldn’t find the time because of their work schedules. So with all that in mind we stepped out and started one of the few professional mobile massage companies in our area.

Since we primarily work by word of mouth and referrals, it didn’t take long before we started branching out in many new directions.

Who we are, what we do and the quality of care we provide now allows us the privilege of serving clients in many locations such as in private homes, offices, job sites, at corporate/business events such as employee/customer appreciation days, private events/parties, helping students achieve their full potential through tutoring, as well as teaching individuals or couples who just want to know and learn more.

Our clients receive the best care possible and are treated with the utmost respect and PRIVACY.

Give us a call we can’t wait to meet you!